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Local Spotlight: Hughes & Co. Woodworks

If you have lived in Asheville very long or if you are considering moving to here, one thing you will quickly learn is that Asheville LOVES to support its local businesses! One new one in particular that I am excited to share with you all is “Hughes & Co. Woodworks”. This is a fantastic company to look to when adding those special touches to make your home feel that much more like home. Will and Jessica Hughes recently opened up their business crafting some of the most amazing wood pieces you’ll ever see.  

Being Asheville natives, Will and Jessica are deeply rooted in Asheville and love the culture and community that is so vibrant here. This is wonderfully reflected in the woodworks that they craft. Offering items from custom signs to cutting boards all the way to cake stands, Hughes & Co. Woodworks can craft “customized handmade woodworks made to exemplify your design”. As stated on their website, their mission statement is simple: “Make home feel like home. We believe that any home can be a safe haven if there are imprints of lives being lived there”.

Here are a few of my favorite items they currently have for sale (that are fully customizable!):

North Carolina HOME Sign

Special Coordinates Sign

Asheville, NC Cutting Board

All offered with your choice of stain!

These are just a few examples so be sure to check them out at to visit their store or request a custom piece! You can also find them on Instagram @hughesandcowoodworks.

Oh, and of course If you need help finding a home to put some of these amazing pieces in, let us know! As an Asheville native myself I firmly believe Asheville is one of the greatest places on this planet, and Hughes & Co. Woodworks is just one of the many reasons why!

By: David Johnson, Buyer Specialist

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