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Why Asheville is GREAT!

So, why is Asheville one of the fastest growing cities in the country? It is no secret that this is a special place. Anyone that has ever been here can admit that Asheville has a unique and somewhat indescribable charm about it. The amazing thing is that it appeals to everyone in different ways. What are some of the best things about this town? Here are just a few:

The People!

The citizens that make up the Asheville population are one of a kind and come from all over. You will find people that were born and raised here and yet the population is still made up of many transplants. People have come from all over, bringing all different types of culture to one place. In addition to a melting pot of culture, art, food, and expression, people in Asheville are usually very willing to make new friends. After all, they were probably new to town at one point. Most people are extremely friendly and open-minded. Asheville has a way of making people feel comfortable expressing themselves in any way they choose. Ever seen the bumper sticker “Keep Asheville Weird”? The people here take a lot of pride in the fact that they are unique and different, as they should. Whether it is pertaining to gender, religion, sexual orientation, or art, Asheville has a way of giving people a sense of freedom to be who they are. It is a city that promotes love and acceptance.

Asheville is Quirky!

There is music, culture, and art everywhere! We’ve all seen the “Good Vibes” tower and seen the weekly drum circle gathering downtown. Asheville is full of these little quirks. That is part of what makes it so charming. The fabulous street performers work hard to entertain the masses on the streets of downtown. The Spoon Lady is a local favorite. It is amazing what some of these performers come up with. The pub cycle downtown is a fun way to see the city! It stops at many breweries and you peddle your way around town with your favorite beverage in hand. Dogs are allowed mostly everywhere! People love their animals in Asheville and their animals love to hang out! There are several establishments that welcome dogs, usually offering special doggy treats, as well.

The Entertainment Scene!

On any given night, you have numerous choices of live music to see. I personally go by the local newspaper, Mountain Xpress. They have every music/comedy act listed at each establishment on every night of the week. You can never get bored! There is such a variety of music, as well. You can pick artists ranging from bluegrass, jazz, rock, americana, reggae and more! Asheville takes a lot of pride in their music scene. Some popular music venues include Asheville Music Hall, 5 Walnut, and the Salvage Station.

The Outdoors!

It is no secret that much of Asheville’s beauty is not man-made. The mountains that hug the city have a special power. They are old and beautiful and they offer many hiking and biking trails. There are amazing rivers that flow through these mountains, as well, that provide whitewater sports and fly fishing. Within an hour radius of Asheville, you can find some of the best hiking, mountain biking, and whitewater. It is not hard to stay active and get some nature therapy in this city.

These are just a few of the reasons why Asheville is so great. Everyone loves this place for different reasons. Many people hold this home very dear to their hearts. They take a lot of pride in this community and take care of it. In my opinion, there is no better place on Earth to live.


-Amy Porter, Buyer Specialist

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